JKLC Team Member

February 2017

"Hey y’all! My name is Emma! Everyone has a story to tell, and a goal to reach. Me? Heck yeah! I started riding just a few years ago! I had always dreamed of being that girl that runs barrels in the rodeo, but I never had the opportunity until I made the jump and got my own horse. I started out learning all I could and soaking up all the information people gave me. As I grew as a rider my herd grew as well. This last year I finally got the opportunity to learn how to barrel race and I feel in love. It's amazing how fast you can love a sport, and horse riding is definitely a sport, one of the hardest sports and at times it can be frustrating, I mean your teammate is 1,200 lb. animal, but the passion I have is unbelievable. I am just beginning my journey, but I have a goal and I will not stop until I get it. I think courage is trying something new, and to keep working until you are successful no matter what others have to say about you on the way. Dream on!"

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