Floral and Boarder

What is the difference between a Geometric Pattern and a Floral Tooled Pattern?

Geometric Tooling is hand stamped impressions, making a pattern. (Such as a boarder or pictured)

Floral Tooling is hand carved and shaded lines that make a drawn pattern. (Such as a floral tooled belt.

What are my options for a

Geometric Belt?

We offer 4 Boarder options (Boarders A-D), and 3 "fills" (Basket Weave, Quilted, and Crosshatch).

Floral Tooling

We offer many floral patterns.

Each pattern has different scrolls and flowers. Scrolls are the "leafy" lines between the flowers.

Symbols can sometimes be added and incorporated into a floral pattern, as well as certain flowers may be exchanged. 

For these options, be sure to inquire before purchase.

Quilted Geometric Fully Tooled Belt
Quilted Geometric Fully Tooled Belt with Boarder D, White Buckstitching and 2 Tone Stain: Dark Brown & Natural
Boarder Options A-D
Floral 1, 2, 3, 4
Floral 5, 6, 7
Floral 8, 9
Floral 16, 17
Feather Floral F1, F2, F3
Floral Tooled Cactus Pattern
2 Tone Bible Cover
Pictured: Custom 2 Tone (Dark Brown / Natural Brown) Bible Cover with Regular White Stitching. Added: Black Filigree Initials
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