Measuring Belt Size

Belt Size

Measuring correctly for belt size is very important! 

Without a correct measurement, the new belt will not fit!

Read below to find out how to measure properly for belt size. 



Belt size is NOT pant waist size.

Measure a pre-existing belt from the bend of the leather by the buckle, to the hole the belt is worn in most comfortably. This measurement will be the center hole in the new belt, with two, 1 inch apart, holes on each side. If there is no pre-existing belt, measure the circumference of the waist while wearing jeans, through the belt loops.

Belt Size
Belt Size
Belt Size & Name Placement
The Belt Size does not determine where the name is placed on the belt. However, if the belt is ordered with a name "centered", and the inccorect belt size is provided, the name will be off-center when worn. If the belt is ordered with the name "Right of Center" or "Left of Center", the name will come to either side as asked.
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